paste youtube video link here & hit GO

  1. Visit youtube.com and find the video you would like to convert to mp3
  2. Copy page URL address into clipboard (Ctrl+C or Tap & Hold) or memorize it
  3. Paste URL into the box (Ctrl+V, or Tap & Hold) or Type it in & click Go
  4. Hold on a few seconds, MP3 Download Buttons will appear shortly
  5. Pick your Quality & Source, and Download. Try all, find the fastest.
  • For Quick-access to mp3 download page, use this bookmark-let GET MP3
  • When on Youtube viewing a video, click the Bookmark and quickly come here!
  • Sometimes we will need a few seconds to convert youtube video to mp3.
  • We've built a fast & secure Youtube Mp3 Converter. Hope you like it!
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what is "youtube video link" and how to find it?

if you are in a browser watching 1 single youtube video, simply right click or tap-n-hold the browser's address bar and in the menu that comes over select COPY.. you can also click SHARE usually conveniently located on any youtube video. in the menu that comes, select COPY LINK and you're all set!

what do i do with the video link i have found?

nothing, really.. navigate back here, right click (tap-n-hold) on the box there, in the menu select PASTE. you can also use CTRL+C combo if you're on a windows based system. that'll paste (into the box) the link you've earlier copied [into clipboard]. Click GO. Pick a button. Click button. Download youtubemp3 converted file.

where do i find file i downloaded? how to play it?

you should have built-in pre-existing audio player on any system. simply locate the file and click or tap on it, it's almost guaranteed to start playing automatically. as for finding the file - try in windows Downloads folder, or in browser press CTRL+J to open downloads tab, there it'll indicate where it saved the new youtubemp3 file.

your youtubemp3 converter free for all? is it safe?

yes, this website is free to use and it will always remain so. we also don't do any advertising, mostly due to low traffic volume, it's not worth it, so enjoy a clean site without any distracting ads or popups. =)

why the "fun" part? how fun is youtubemp3? zero?

everything is as much fun as you can imagine. youtubemp3 converting is fun. you can just tell your friend where to go and how to find it. right in that comment box.. sad noone wants to use it really... :(